Classes & Workshops


Workshop  – Painting with Intuition.

A Day in Nature

August 13, 2016, 9:30 – 12:30/1:30 – 4:00

Saturday Workshop Longmont, CO Bring a sack lunch. Drinks provided Cost: $75.00. Supplies included

This summer gathering offer opportunity to engage with the lushness of the summer. Learn simple tools for recognizing and celebrating what is most deeply yours to draw and paint. We will be working with an irresistible palette of colors interspersing painting time with time in the garden. A journal and a sun hat might be good companions for this exploration. We’ll move from quick, spontaneous warm-ups to more sustained art exploration Through the day you will discover ways to awaken the unique artist within you while discovering the joy of intuitive painting. We will be working on paper and canvas using charcoal, paint and other media. Our emphasis is to ignite your creative process and help you discover your creative expression.


Classes: What you will learn:


When teaching I focus completely on you, your artistic growth and how to create the paintings you have envisioned.

I have come to understand that creating in not just about technique but opening up to creative energy and imagination. Composition, painting medium, brushstrokes and technique are all important, and even more so I find that intent, feeling, trusting in your intuition, even how one breathes helps an artist to find their own unique expression and signature to their work.

During classes and workshops we will focus on creating art while embracing the spirit of being an artist.

Creative Expression A Day in Nature

  • Listening and trusting your inner self
  • Getting past the mind
  • Letting go of fear
  • Feeling free to express
  • How proper breathing helps you to create – each cell of the body
    vibrates with the rhythm of life
  • Finding the “Zone”
  • Visualization and the senses
  • Form is a vibration – feeling kinesthetic; hear; smell, sound, sight.

Color – Blending Intuition with Technique in Creating

  • Your pallet is your friend
  • Hearing and feeling color
  • Mixing colors – learning technique
  • How painting mediums affect color
  • How layers affect your colors


  • Blending technique with intuition in creating
  • Creating a painting layer by layer
  • Letting go of layers of self
  • Under-painting
  • Over-painting
  • Glazing
  • Shadow and light
  • Creating light in a painting
  • Creating depth and volume
  • Creating Transparency


  • What is good composition: guides such as thirds geometric forms dimensions
  • Working within a defined space
  • Space is an illusion you create

Working with Paintings Medium

  • Exploring different mediums
  • Creating your own paint medium
  • How to control the drying time of paints
  • How mediums affect your finishes
  • Special effects

Application Techniques

  • Working with brushes, palette knives and other tools
  • Experimentation
  • Imagination Intuition and BEING creative
  • Creating “outside the box”
  • “Rules”—- a myth


Attending your course in oil painting has really helped me to make the transition from painting in acrylics to oil painting. Your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience while encouraging me to work in my own style has moved my artistic practice on to a new level. Since attending your course, I have sold several oil paintings and exhibited my work in art galleries in England where they were very well received. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement.
– Angela Reynolds