Gary Markowitz

Gary Markowitz

Markowitz is enchanted by the fluidity and captivated with the movement of oil as he releases his layers of colour blends to achieve depths that some say summon the viewer to reflect on the passage of time and to explore the illusion of time. Markowitz is noted for his translations of light that reveal the mystical and often evoke a trancendental experience. Indeed, these are the experiences and mysteries of life that propel and inspire his quest for beauty in both personal and general terms. His works are graciously displayed in the homes and enterprises of his collectors worldwide.

Markowitz´s abilities to connect with people has been facilitated throughout his life as he has experienced living in the continental United States and the Hawaiian Islands, Japan, Spain and Paris, France. Markowitz leaves a legacy of artful communication, with his combined experiences as an alchemist of colour, a photographer, and a publisher of art books and children’s literature. He has been a featured speaker on angels and spirituality in art.

Artist’s Statement

Inspiration, for me, changes as life changes. A painting is but one reflection in time, out of time, or between time. It comes alive amidst everything and nothing. A painting lives as an individual, on canvas, for all to know and see, always different, always unique even among a larger body of work. Each painting begins undefined in conception, free to form organically. It grows evolving within the act of creation, that in itself is inspiration; layers of self fade, layers of color and light emerge, the life of the painting unfolds. Painting lies within the timeless moment of the present – listening, breathing, letting go of external references such as thought and form to move beyond the physical self. Sometimes within a work there is a story whispering to be shared, a whiff of nature wafting to be expressed, a feeling waiting to be represented.

A painting is born in a moment between time nourished by an experience, an emotion, a vision, a sound, smell or a simple desire to feel and create beauty. Painting is a journey. Painting is propelled by curiosity, a desire to open, perceive and discover. For me, a painting true to intent becomes an invitation, intuitively understood through the universal bond of human experience or curiosity, to step through a doorway or look through a window and allow an opening to take a timeless journey of discovery and well-being.