Fall Special

Classes - Creative Coaching

The Alchemy of Color and Oils

Expressive Oil Painting Classes/Coaching

I offer private instruction in my studio.  Each session is 2 hours tailored to your individual goals whether it be abstraction, representational or more realistic work. I love teaching and sharing all I know about the beauty and magic when creating with oils.  My desire is to facilitate and celebrate what is most deeply yours. Expand your own unique express all while learning new, exciting oil painting techniques working with  mediums, glazing, layering and colors.


4 week  - 2 hours each session. 8 hours total  studio time and coaching each month $240.00

One time  session- $50.00/hr. 2 hour minimum


"I have taken painting lessons with Gary Markowitz for the past several years and it has been an amazing experience. He is so passionate about painting, teaching you what you need to know about the basics of light, color and perspective, and he is equally passionate about you, the student-artist, finding your own artistic voice(s). I have learned a tremendous amount, grown as an artist, and had fun during the process! I highly recommend Gary as a teacher!" --   Cindy Gordon, PhD, LPC, ATR-BC, CAAP    www.HealChangeGrow.com

"Studying painting with Gary Markowitz is exciting and challenging. He will meet you where you are and kindly nudge you to explore beyond your comfort zone. For me it's been transformative." -- Mimi Farrelly 

"Gary—a successful and devoted artist--brings generosity and his enormous talent to his skills as a teacher and mentor. Although he encourages individual artistic development and expression, Gary is ever-present with insightful technical suggestions as well as a historical perspective accumulated from his many years as a well-known, courageous artist." -- Cherlye 


Creativity - listening and trusting your inner self, getting past the mind.
Feeling (allowing) free and letting go

How proper breathing helps you to create – each cell of the body vibrate withthe rhythm of life

Finding (allowing) the “Zone”

Imagination Intuition and BEING creative

Creating “outside the box”

“Rules”----know them in order to break them

BEING a visionary – BEING yourself

How proper breathing helps you to create

Finding (allowing) the “Zone”

BEING a visionary – BEING yourself

Classic techniques & new techniques

Color and blending techniques

Creating a painting layer by layer



Students should bring their own brushes and oil paints. Mediums will be supplied byartist / instructor Gary Markowitz. Students can reserve space and pay by check (to Gary Markowitz) or cash at the first class meeting.

Please bring the following:

Oil Paints: Assorted colors including Titanium White, Ivory Black, Burnt Sienna, DioxazineViolet, Asphaltum (Gamblin or Rembrandt), Cadmium Red Hue, Cadmium Yellow Hue

Small Spray Bottle

Paper towels and some lint free rags

Palette Paper,
3 - 16 x 20 or larger gessoed canvasses

Sketch book.Brushes- Small, medium and large. Flat,Charcoal, pencil and eraser

Notebook for note taking

Photos or images images that inspire you!

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