"Markowitz´s elegant approach emerges from the depths, from the zone of that very fine line between the rational and the ethereal of the spiritual. The essence in each of his paintings arrives from his most authentic self. Nothing comes free, but the freedom in his works flow generously, which is demonstrated in the skilled blending of color. Within his paintings there is consistently present a sense of great hope that oozes continuously throughout the spaces."

– María José Marti, Galerista, Punto Arte, Barcelona


Markowitz is enchanted by the fluidity and captivated with the movement of oil as he releases his layers of colour blends to achieve depths that some say summon the viewer to reflect on the passage of time and to explore the illusion of time. Markowitz is noted for his translations of light that reveal the mystical and often evoke a trancendental experience. Indeed, these are the experiences and mysteries of life that propel and inspire his quest for beauty in both personal and general terms. His works are graciously displayed in the homes and enterprises of his collectors worldwide.

Markowitz´s abilities to connect with people has been facilitated throughout his life as he has experienced living in the continental United States and the Hawaiian Islands, Japan, Spain and Paris, France. Markowitz leaves a legacy of artful communication, with his combined experiences as an alchemist of colour, a photographer, and a publisher of art books and children’s literature. He has been a featured speaker on angels and spirituality in art.

Artist Statement

Current Work. Raw & Exposed: Faces of Beauty

This series evolved with my own permission to allow the spontaneity of the moment to create the brush strokes that represent authentic raw emotions .

This body of work has the clear intention of exploring my deepest and most personal feelings. In my desire to see myself truly, to see my own inner ‘beautiful.” The more I authorized the freedom in these strokes, the deeper I found authentic expressions including, yet not limited to, desires, struggles and joys, strengths, weakness, fears, rage, and contemplative reflection.

My hope for this series of paintings is not only to review my personal reflection, yet also to permit viewers to perhaps open to experience their own layers, and to see a beauty in our common humanness – to accept the gift of emotional expression.
I have heard it said, that art is by people for people.

Paris, New York, Barcelona, Berlin, Cadequès, Maui, Los Angeles, Denver....


Gary work has been exhibited internationally in galleries since 1994. His work has been shown in Paris, New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Berlin, Cadaques, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Portland, Tucson, San Diego.

2012: Gallerie Couteron, Paris, France/Ateleir 61, Paris, France/Atlelier Herdin, Pézenas, France, Sargent´s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii 

2011: Atlelier Herdin, Pézenas, France/Chapelle des Pénitents, Aniane, France/Temporary Gallery, Berlin, Germany/Sargent´s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii 

2010: Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii/Galería de Arte de la Riba, Cadaqués, SpainAtelier Markowitz, Pézenas, France 

2009: Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii/Galería de Arte de la Riba, Cadaqués, Spain, Atelier Markowitz, Pézenas, France 

2008: Sargent’s Fine Art Maui, Hawaii/Taller 164, Barcelona, Spain,Galería de Arte de la Riba, Cadaqués, Spain 

2007: Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii/Galería Punto Arte, Barcelona, Spain,Galería de Arte de la Riba, Cadaqués, Spain 

2006: Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui/Hawaii, Galería Punto Arte, Barcelona, Spain, Galería de Arte de la Riba, Cadaqués, Spain/Art and Soul Gallery, San Francisco, California 

2005: Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii/Galería Punto Arte Barcelona, Spain,Galeríe de Arte de la Riba, Cadaqués, Spain/Llibre d´artiste, Barcelona, Spain,Art and Soul Gallery, San Francisco, California

2004: Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii/Punto Arte, Barcelona, Spain, Kapalua Art Gallery, Kapalua, Hawaii/Galería de Arte de la Riba, Cadaqués, Spain.

2003: Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii/Galería de Arte de la Riba, Cadaqués, SpainPunto Arte, Barcelona, Spain

2002/2001: Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii/Galería de Arte de la Riba, Cadaques, Spain

2000: Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, Kapalua Art Gallery, Kapalua, Hawaii

1999: Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii, Lahaina Art Society, Maui, Hawaii

1998:Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii,Gallery Five, New York, New York, Elizabeth Doyle Gallery, Maui, Hawaii, Solimar Gallery, Lafayette, California

1997:,Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii,S olimar Gallery, Lafayette, California.

1996: Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii,Maui, Arts & Cultural Center Maui, Hawaii

1995: Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii,Gallery Maui, Maui, Hawaii

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