Gary Markowitz's work is Influenced by his many years living abroad in Spain, France and Japan as well in the Hawaiian Islands. He now lives in Colorado closer to family.

For 30 years Markowitz’s abstractand contemporary expressionistic oil paintings have been exhibited and collected internationally. His artistic career has included solo and dual exhibitions in; Paris, France, Cadequès, Spain, Berlin, Germany, Barcelona, Spain Maui, Hawaii, and Denver Colorado. His work also has been exposed in galleries and group shows throughout the United States. Markowitz is also know for his creative work as a publisher, creative director, photographer and designer.

As a fine artist, Markowitz was first recognized for his techniques creating translucent and ethereal oil paintings that summoned the viewer to reflect on the passage of time and explore the illusion of time. His early work was reminiscent the ‘pure’ minimalism of Rothko and later works of William Turner. His latest works have evolved to figurative expression and are inspired by the works of Egon Schiele, Marlene Dumas, Leonor Fine, and the Fauve style of KeesVan Dongen.

Artist Statement

Out and About” is a collection of contemporary goddesses as they might be in the world today. The “Ladies,” as I call them, are my whimsical take on the goddesses I once painted more seriously in a classically or abstracted style. During the 1990’s I painted representations of angels, Egyptian, Greek and Eastern goddesses. I’ve dropped the halos, head dresses, wings and have added eye glasses, heels, and hand bags. My Ladies are ready to shop on the Streets of Paris, London or New York; or walk through a city park feeling complete. Sacred geometry and symbolic representations found in earlier works are very subtly worked into the ladies’ jewelry, hats and clothing.

The series "Raw & Exposed: Faces of Beauty" (2016 - ongoing) evolved allowing my own raw emotions to surface through uncensored brush strokes. The more I authorized freedom in these strokes, the deeper I found authentic rage, desires, struggles, fears weakness, joys, and strengths. In my quest to see myself truly, to see my own inner ‘beautiful” and to accept my own journey, I share this process through my painting. I hope viewers can open to experience their own layers, and moreover to see a beauty in our common humanness – to accept the breadth of emotional expression, as a gift.

My art has always had a connection to what I refer to as the divine feminine and I have attempted to convey a sense of the spiritual, mystical as well as the power and beauty I see in women. “Contemporary Goddesses- Out and About” is a joyful acceptance of self... a coming out.

"Markowitz´s elegant approach emerges from the depths, from the zone of that very fine line between the rational and the ethereal of the spiritual. The essence in each of his paintings arrives from his most authentic self. Nothing comes free, but the freedom in his works flow generously, which is demonstrated in the skilled blending of color. Within his paintings there is consistently present a sense of great hope that oozes continuously throughout the spaces."

– María José Marti, Galerista, Punto Arte, Barcelona

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